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Innovation and Digital Transformation of Construction Players


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You know, position yourself and establish your transformation goals.

  • Meet your teams for a better understanding of your constraints: production staff, IT, management, HR, but also clients and users. Bring a fresh eye ...List the needs and ambitions; identify them, formalize them, prioritize them.
  • State of the art in term of equipment, hardware, software, technologies, processes, economical models, comparison to the competitors.
  • Mapping of your teams: their needs, their potential of evolution, their experience on innovation projects. 
  • Contextual state: history of experiments or attempts at innovation and R&D, identification of successes and failures, management of intellectual property, knowledge management and sharing.
  • Expectations and needs of clients and partners.



How to reach your goals in optimum time and cost.

  • Make progress emerge: define exactly your objectives, with your management and especially involve your employees in the choice and the prioritization of innovation areas.


  • Implementation of the action plan: timeline, mobilization, investment, monitoring indicators, milestones.  Setting up the team profile needed to manage the digital transformation. Assist in the selection of staff internally or through an external recruitment.


  • Create an ecosystem by combining employees and external partners who will accompany you on different stages of your digital transformation


  • Selection of external partners, setting up of innovation projects.



Assist you in piloting your innovation projects or setting up your digital transformation.

  • Steering and monitoring of the roadmap: support of the internal team or complete control of the transformation project.


  • Monitoring of a particular project: experimentation of a new innovation or deployment of a succesfull innovation already tested and approved.


  • Ponctual missions: optimization of intellectual property management, integration of a new service, a new activity, networking, partnership.